Children's Whole Life Insurance



The unexpected death of a child is one of the most horrifying experiences a parent can ever have.  Unfortunately, when it happens many children are not insured.  Thus, some families have paid for funerals using a credit card, going further in debt.  

For as little as pennies a day a prudent parent or grandparent (with or without parents knowledge) can purchase insurance on a child that lasts their entire life.

There are so many wonderful benefits of children's whole life insurance, but here are just a few:

Some products build "accessible" cash value 

Can protect up to 4 generations (inquire how)

Policy can optionally be transferred to child as a gift any time after adulthood

Children's insurance has been called a little investment that builds in a large way!  This product is dear to our heart since we have been affected by the death of a child.  We have made arrangements to save you as much as 50% on this product, when compared to Gerber plans.





Many people wish they could go back in time and buy insurance that lasts their whole life when they were your age.  Why?  Three simple wordsCOST COST COST.

For example, a person that waits until their mid-thirties to buy whole life insurance will pay around 3 times or more than the person that owned the same policy at 18!  It's even worse for those that wait until their forties, fifties, or sixties.  

Perhaps you are thinking that the person that waits until later in life to acquire insurance saves money because they aren't paying for insurance for as many years.  NOT TRUE!  Actually, not only would such a person pay FAR more, but they also would spend decades uninsured, a lose-lose proposition.  

Many Americans do not have whole life insurance even though they want it.  Why?  Because it is now out of their price range.  How sad. 

This doesn't have to happen to you!  

The fact that you are on this site shows that you are mature and responsible.  If you are now married, have kids, or planning to wed or become a parent in the future, you can provide security for your current and future family for the cost of a "kid’s meal" each week.

Feel free to let me know if you want more information about this product.