About Life Insurance

Life insurance is needed if there is 1) the risk of death, and 2) if the death would cause a financial setback for the living.  Everybody dies.  So the question that people don’t like to play out in their mind is what financial setback will occur WHEN our loved one dies.


Have you thought about...

  • How much will the funeral cost?
  • Can we keep the house?
  • Who is going to pay for the child's college or wedding?
  • How much salary will be missing each year?
  • If a housewife dies, how much will it cost to hire others to do her immeasurable jobs?
  • Who will pay for home repairs and car maintenance now that the handyman husband is gone?
  • Will we get to grieve before running back to work?
  • Can life insurance be an investment for the future?

So that you don’t have to suffer such financial pitfalls, life insurance allows you to pay a relatively small payment each month to an insurance company. In exchange for your payment (called a premium), the insurance company promises that they will take the financial setback for you.  If you have kept the agreement in force by paying the premium each month, they will send the beneficiary a check in the agreed amount to offset your difficulty.

We all like affordable life insurance.  We like cheap insurance even more.  In fact, we want as much insurance as we can get while staying within our budget.  To make sure you get the best available rates for insurance, we confer with many different insurance companies.

Do you know what kind of insurance you need?  Do you know the differences between the types of insurance?  Learn more by clicking on one of the boxes below.