In the confusing world of insurance there are many companies, agents, brokers, and types of policies.  But who is really looking out for you

Many have learned that it is best to use an independent insurance agent.  Why?  An independent insurance agent can consider what is in your best interests, not what is best for an insurance company. At Priority Protection Insurance not only CAN we show you better options, but we absolutely WILL show you better options.  You can rest assured that we "have your back."  We stand for that and by that.

Our mission is simple—to help you find what is just right for you and within your budget.  Most insurance companies and their "captive" agents can only pigeonhole you into "their" products.  Even some independent agents can only access the rates and policies of a few different companies.  We, however, are partnered with more than 25 different 'A' rated companies and can seek out what is best for your circumstances, goals, and budget. What can you expect from us?

  • We enjoy taking out the time to help folks make an informed choice!
  • We won't push you into a policy or type of insurance you don't understand.
  • We work for younot an insurance company!

Whether you need affordable life insurance, health insurance, or retirement options for your family, we are committed to making sure you have access to what you need to protect your priorities.


Why Choose Us?

“I am James Thompson, an Independent Insurance Agent.  My wife Tricia and I form a team that makes up Priority Protection Insurance, LLC.  Unfortunately, unavoidable and unexpected things are guaranteed to hit us all. Yet, we can prepare ourselves and our families for such things, in order to lessen the blow and help us recover more quickly. This is where we come in!  We will work hard to find you the best insurance policy that offers you the most coverage for your hard-earned dollars.  We will be there when you need us for any issues, whether large or small.  We take helping others very, very seriously.  In fact, the reason we sleep peacefully at night is because we know we have treated all of our clients right.  Having a good conscience toward God and neighbor is important to us."